The Super-Sized Version

(photo by Nasier Lee)

We had to rope in help for this ...Our sincere thanks to SabahSongs for the write-ups below. 

Blogger Joanna Funk was born in London to parents who were both from Sabah, Malaysia. She started her career as a bond dealer in London and switched to financial news in 1993. In 2008, she left her sub-editor position at Thomson Financial to marry a Sabahan and lived in Sabah for the first time. In early 2013, she moved to Australia with her husband, Mike, and son, Miles, but hopes to return to Sabah one day.

During her stay in Sabah, Joanna started a blog, SabahSongs "about people working in music in Sabah". Tirelessly attending almost every musical event held in Kota Kinabalu, she blogged about the many events and personalities active in the industry in the five years she was there.

She compiled her blog posts into a 250-page hardcover book filled with photographs entitled "Sabah Songs: Contemporary Music In Sabah" and launched it just days before flying off to Australia! During the book launch, the Malaysian minister in attendance noted, "This book was produced out of the love of the writer to the music and musicians in Sabah."


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