Pachelbel's Canon in D by Roger Wang

A lovely couple requested that I perform Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D for their wedding ceremony. 
It was a solo guitar gig, so I had to figure out a way to play this alone. I felt that attempting to interpret the piece as a solo fingerstyle guitar arrangement would take away the too much of the beauty and smoothness of the music. 

Upon studying the music score, I realised that the song evolves around a 2-bar sequence that I could pull of with a looper. The Boomerang 3 Phrase Sampler was perfect for it.

The first loop holds the 2-bar chord progression that repeats throughout the piece. The second loop is set to loop and overdub with a short decay. This enables me to just play the part of the first violin while the loops automatically repeats what I just played every 2-bars (second violin) and every 4-bars (third violin).
This made it possible to recreate the whole 4-piece harmony on 1 guitar. 

It makes more sense with the video. Enjoy!