On March 25, 2011, a local daily printed an article “Lady Gaga deemed to have gone overboard”. It reported reactions from various Sabahans regarding the American songstress' call to young Malaysians to protest the ban of one of her songs in the country. 

I was one of those interviewed for that article.

It is, however, very unfortunate that I was misquoted in that article.

The day before the article came out, I received a call from the reporter, asking me to comment on Lady Gaga's statement. At that point, I had not read Lady Gaga's statement. Based on her explanation, I was made to understand that Lady Gaga was rallying Malaysian youths to march into the streets to protest against the ban.

My response to that was, "I don't think we need to worry too much about it. I don't think the majority of the Malaysian youth will respond like that. It's not about whether they agree or don't agree with the issue. I just don't think parents need to lock up their kids or that the FRU and Police need to be on stand by. I believe it will be just taken as celebrity news."

I DID NOT make the statement printed - "We in Malaysia uphold religious and moral values, and observe our own set of culture. We oppose gay behaviour and Lesbianism as these are negative elements".

I had a bad feeling after the phone call. When I read the article the next day, I felt manipulated. The article doesn't reflect my views on the issue and I truly regret being a part of it.